We are doing quality Digital printing service in chennai & Offset printing service in chennai.
Offset Printing process is generally used for Printing. Most of the Printing Jobs are done using offset. offset printing method is easy process. Three cylinders are used to transfer the image onto the substrate. In offset printing the image and non-image areas are on an equivalent surface level. Offset Printing non heritable the tactic from lithography and it’s also called litho offset.
Digital Printing is a method in which a Digital image directly printed to a range of media. It usually works for a little professional printing jobs from DTP. Digital Printers has more price than offset for big volume jobs however by this we avoid no of technical steps like process of plates etc. Digital Printing could be a very effective technology that enables to attach computer DTP Softwares to Printers. It advantages in many ways in which like cheap, less turnaround, personalized jobs printing in an exceedingly faster and easier way.

Digital Printing

  • Fast and easy Set Up and no Plate Creation
  • There is no costly set up
  • Waste of paper is very less
  • Fast Turnaround to meet tight deadlines
  • digital printing is cheaper for less quantity runs
  • On Demand Printing is available
  • Variable Data is available

Offset Printing

  • Slightly better image quality
  • Larger sheet size possible on larger presses
  • Need large quantity, less expensive it is to print
  • Larger range of Media Handling
  • Fast and easy production of printing plates.
  • some offset presses can print on wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, and leather